The Sphere of Influence

In our third video, we discussed one of the critical points of TAC’s philosophy about success. It was about how people use their sphere of influence to make a difference in the world. The core message was to awake Christians to strive to create a better Christian community and to help become role models for the future generations.

We have discussed some famous celebrities in the secular world to make that point. We discussed about subcultures becoming a widely accepted community, of celebrities working to break stereotypes, and even about great businessmen who have worked to recreate a system of a country.

To expand on a few of them, I want to begin with a rather controversial topic for us in the Christian community. It was about gay rights, discussed in and through the light of Ellen DeGenerous, a popular talk-show host and entertainer, who openly said she was gay and would work to fight for gay rights. We mentioned her because she is a good example of secularists who use their talents and sphere of influence to make a difference in the world, but more, to recreate stereotypes built negatively around the identity she has and shares with so many others. She uses her power to build acceptance and pride for gay people. Her community is widening, as she brings in top celebrities to her show to have them speak up for what they each believe in.

The discussion about gay rights was not to support it. It was placed on the table for an objective talk about the fact of the matter, and use it as an example of how passionately even secularists work to redefine stereotypes and build a better a community for their identities.

The point of the matter is this: What are Christians doing for the Christian community? How are we helping our brothers and sisters, and do we use our sphere of influence to bring together a network of successful people who will do that passionate work for God and His people?

It is in part, a call out for Christians all over the world. Even they fight for their communities, but we, do we fight enough for Christ?

Because TAC’s mission is the “reform the Christian image” our focus is calling upon Christians to rise and change the world for Christ by using the sphere of influence that Christ has each given us, according to our appropriate designations.

That is what we hoped to achieve in this video.

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TACTV 2: “The Gift to Change”

This is our second video on our TAC Youtube Channel. The title is “The Gift to Change” and it is about the power individuals can have on their lives and the lives of those around them by the ability of consciousness of self, thereby believing that he/she can change their environment and themselves for the better, in Christ!

Please understand that the videos were filmed one week prior to being uploaded. Therefore, the content especially in our Current Events section may be outdated. However, we provided an updated account or article about the regarding issues on our blog ( so please visit our blog to read more the on specific issues discussed in our videos.

We understand that KONY2012 has become rather controversial. We have blogged about “The Controversy Surrounding KONY2012” on our blog so please read our updated opinion about the controversy before any criticism is made about the discussion in the video. Since we last filmed, there has been new and updated information regarding it and we have done our part in researching and updating our account so please read before any criticisms are made!

Please read blog post regarding this video

Blog post about “The Controversy of KONY 2012”

KONY 2012



The Gift to Change

There are several distinctive qualities of mankind that distinguishes humans from animals. Unfortunately, I don’t know the full list but I believe one of them is blushing. The reason why blushing is a characteristic only belonging to humans is because it represents the conscious awareness of other intellectual beings around us, who may have encountered our embarrassing moments. That is why an adult will not necessarily feel embarrassed for something they wish to hide if they had been in the same space with an infant. The infant is not intellectually capable of noticing and recognizing the observance as socially humiliating, and the adult knows this and will not blush. Animals can’t process that recognition or the ability to feel embarrassed.

Another one is mentioned by an American psychologist named Rollo May. Here I quote him:

This consciousness of self, this capacity to see one’s self as though from the outside, is the distinctive characteristic of man. A friend of mine has a dog who waits at his studio door all morning and, when anybody comes to that door, he jumps up and barks, wanting to play. My friend holds that the dog is saying in his barking: “Here is a dog who has been waiting all morning for someone to come to play with him, are you the one?” This is a nice sentiment, and all of us who like dogs enjoy projecting such cozy thoughts into their heads. But actually this is exactly what the dog cannot say. He can show that he wants to play and entice you in to throwing his ball for him, but he cannot stand outside himself and see himself as a dog doing these things. He is not blessed with the consciousness of self.

An animal is not blessed with the consciousness of self, which is the ability to see yourself outside yourself. Isn’t it amazing how you can imagine yourself as though you have a mental mirror by which you can see your reflection quite clearly? This ability is seen very early on. Children imagine a great deal, and their ability to imagine scenarios of which they play a mental part is an example of being able to detach yourself from yourself. Also, we see little children speaking in third person. “Sally wants food. Sally is hungry. Sally wants to play!”

The idea of self, the recognition of it is quite phenomenal.

However, for argument’s sake, let’s ask why has God gifted man and only man this distinctive characteristic? What was its purpose? And why does Rollo May call it a “blessing”?

All throughout history, we come across great thinkers who have captured a hint of some universal truth and have awaken many a dead souls with their profound truths. What had elevated them above the ordinary thinkers was the ability to see the obvious in some creative light that had developed into an undeniable reality many people took for granted. It is as though their experience of an epiphany had drew the curtains away from their eyes and have allowed them to finally, see. All those who had been blind are also taught to see, and that truth adds a cut, an angle to their world knowledge as well.

Many of these great thinkers had one thing in common and it was the realization that the more they discovered, the more they realized they did not, in fact, know anything. It boiled down to the hard core truth that ultimately we, humans, do not know enough and that the quintessential task of man is to “Know Thyself” (Socrates).

Just like the phenomena of the world around us, we can also be blind to the things that happen within us. Our mentality and emotional capacity are worlds of themselves, equally complicated and intricate in their workings. It is easy to get lost in our own complications, especially when confronting a hardship of reality.

God provides man the ability to see himself outside himself so that he may see in his due time, where he has ended up and where he may lead. Not many people can view themselves objectively, especially in moments of hardships. However, there is nothing as important as believing in the power of change at moments when you see no other way out.

“The Gift to Change” is about never giving up and believing that there is hope because things can change, for the better. This hope is what gives people the power to change their environment, and not to simply accept what they are in. Humans adapt to their environment by creating or recreating their environment in different formats. The physical survival adaptation isn’t the only thing humans can do. They can also change their world, their environment by their mind frame and how they choose to process the flow of observance around them.

TAC encourages people all over the world to believe that man is gifted with consciousness of self so that he may, in his dark and blind hours, see himself in a new light and believe that at the dead end of a road, it is not the end. And that is because man can pave a new road for himself and for others to follow, and like Leo Tolstoy once said, “Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself”, begin by creating a better world by creating a better self.

The Controversy Behind KONY2012

You must have seen it. It’s everywhere.

#STOPKONY #InvisibileChildren 

These trending keywords have become a sensation all over the internet. A recent video posted about two weeks ago by Invisible Children on Vimeo titled KONY 2012 has become viral, and I mean viral as in VIRAL. The purpose of the video was to bring awareness to a life-threatening rebel in Uganda named Joseph Kony, who has been abducting children and forcing them to become children soldiers, teaching them to kill their own parents. He physically mutilated his prisoners and also forced little girls into prostitution.

The video starts with a narration and point of view by Jason Russell, the man behind Invisible Children. He asks people to unite their efforts in bringing international peace and arrest this horrible man. His message was “Let’s make KONY famous, not to celebrate him but to arrest him.” The video clearly did the job of bringing awareness. It inspired and motivated hundreds of thousands of people to spread the word and further, make a donation to the cause.

However, as it became viral there has been another wave, a wave of opposition against the cause. Why? What is wrong about trying to arrest the man that is cruelly using children as his bodyguard and killing about 30,000 people over the course of his infamous work? Nothing. In fact, the opposition isn’t about Kony, it’s about KONY 2012.

The criticisms are basically about these following points:

The uprise of criticisms is causing a dilemma for many people. The video calls for a united effort to “do something” (like donate) but with the suspicion of whether the help is being properly used, people don’t know whether to feel supportive of KONY 2012 or feel cynical about the seemingly manipulative media play.

So, what are we supposed to think about it? What should we do?

Well first, several articles list the more reliable organizations to support. AMREF USADoctors Without Borders, and Perhaps we can direct our donations into that outlet. Another option is to support Invisible Children anyway. They have done a phenomenal job in bringing awareness and because of the awareness, yes they receive criticisms, but hey! The criticisms have brought us to an option to donate to more reliable charity organizations, no? And perhaps it is true that the Invisible Children organization doesn’t use their expenses mainly on helping what they support. Yes, it might be true that they spend it mostly on video-making. But those videos are making a difference, aren’t they? We can argue about how effectively and properly it’s done, but on an individual basis, it might be making a difference.

A recent testimony I read on Tumblr said:

You can hate the Kony campaign all you want but when my friend came into class today and saw “27 of your friends posted about Joseph Kony” on facebook he broke down into tears.

He immigrated from Uganda to Canada in 2006, only two years after his sister was taken and then shot in front of him.

So complain about fraudulent spending all you want, because today I saw first hand that it’s making a difference.

What to say? The controversy is understandable. However, we can take a step back and see this from a larger view. We can be practical about our donations and choose carefully what organization(s) to support. Yet, the idea that one video is causing this great surge of popular support shows that no matter what organization we support, we are releasing positive effect on society. Whether it creates more videos as such that will inspire awareness, or whether it literally goes to the support of arresting Kony, they both can help the cause. (To read more about Invisible Children causing more harm than good, click here)

That being said, what can we do that will really help? What can we do to help this issue as Christians? You can donate to this organization, or you can find others that spend a higher percentage of expenses to the arrest of Kony. But most of all, we can pray for them. There is nothing more powerful than prayers! Take a leap of faith with me when I say, prayer. Christians can do two things. One is to pray about everything, but I guess for the sake of the discussion, let’s just say to pray about the problems one faces or what the world, small or large, faces. Two, is to act upon that prayer in faith and make things happen. Now, sometimes there are things that we, as individuals, cannot do or change. It might be because one man is not enough, maybe because it isn’t time yet, or a whole set of other reasons. In that case, we do what we best could and resort to prayer. God will step in, and prayers are more powerful than anything in the world.

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