Why Blog?

The world is changing and it will keep changing, and if we live today’s world with yesterday’s rules, we’d probably end up nowhere. This generation is moving forward so rapidly and what’s amazing about this global generation is that the boundaries between countries and societies are overcome by the usage of online networking services. What’s happening on the other side of the world is instantly made known to millions of people, and once an issue goes viral, say on Youtube or Facebook, or even by a trending keyword on Twitter, you hear people talk about it on television, radio, newspaper and to each other in our everyday lives. How amazing is that? The power of thought and ideas are stronger than ever, and TAC is joining this culture of opportunities to reach out to a greater audience with our thoughts and small inspirations.

So, welcome to TAC’s blog!

We’re going to talk about trending issues, current events, and other miscellaneous thought-provoking discussions on here– getting to be a bit more personal than a solid informative website. Since we are a faith-based nonprofit organization, the issues that we deal with will be discussed in a positive Christian light, talking about the perspectives we as Christians should or might take. Hop along and give us your opinions as well. We wish to give and take, learn and share!

We’ve got other outlets for sharing thoughts and receiving feedbacks, besides this soon-to-be-awesome blog here. It’s our Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube! Go check them out.

You’ve got questions? Email us: reachtac@gmail.com

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