The Sphere of Influence

In our third video, we discussed one of the critical points of TAC’s philosophy about success. It was about how people use their sphere of influence to make a difference in the world. The core message was to awake Christians to strive to create a better Christian community and to help become role models for the future generations.

We have discussed some famous celebrities in the secular world to make that point. We discussed about subcultures becoming a widely accepted community, of celebrities working to break stereotypes, and even about great businessmen who have worked to recreate a system of a country.

To expand on a few of them, I want to begin with a rather controversial topic for us in the Christian community. It was about gay rights, discussed in and through the light of Ellen DeGenerous, a popular talk-show host and entertainer, who openly said she was gay and would work to fight for gay rights. We mentioned her because she is a good example of secularists who use their talents and sphere of influence to make a difference in the world, but more, to recreate stereotypes built negatively around the identity she has and shares with so many others. She uses her power to build acceptance and pride for gay people. Her community is widening, as she brings in top celebrities to her show to have them speak up for what they each believe in.

The discussion about gay rights was not to support it. It was placed on the table for an objective talk about the fact of the matter, and use it as an example of how passionately even secularists work to redefine stereotypes and build a better a community for their identities.

The point of the matter is this: What are Christians doing for the Christian community? How are we helping our brothers and sisters, and do we use our sphere of influence to bring together a network of successful people who will do that passionate work for God and His people?

It is in part, a call out for Christians all over the world. Even they fight for their communities, but we, do we fight enough for Christ?

Because TAC’s mission is the “reform the Christian image” our focus is calling upon Christians to rise and change the world for Christ by using the sphere of influence that Christ has each given us, according to our appropriate designations.

That is what we hoped to achieve in this video.

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