Marking the 9th Anniversary of TAC

November 25th, 2012 marks the 9th anniversary of TAC. Most of the current members had joined TAC at a very young age, and throughout the nine years, they themselves have developed into mature adults. Likewise, TAC took steps to mature itself as a recognizable Christian non-profit organization. Like any organism, it takes time and a great deal of planning and experiencing to reach a level of full productivity. However, it is undeniable that God has blessed TAC with a vision and a strong mission to carry out for the future. TAC hopes to provide a supportive community of Christians to help each other succeed in the name of God. 

Networking with fellow Christians is one of the main priorities of TAC. Reaching out to Christians and learning from each other, creating a positive Christian image is just the start. A few months ago, when we first decided to start this blog, we hoped to achieve a part of that goal. Unfortunately, with all members as students, it has been difficult to keep on pace, as well as our Youtube channel. 

We hope to revive both this blog and our Youtube so that we can reach out to more and more Christians, especially youths who, like all of us, seek a positive community striving for Christ. Please check out our channel and FB page! We will try to update as much as possible. Stay tuned, and God bless!