Creation-evolution Controversy

The creation-evolution controversy has been in dispute for the last hundred years about the origin of the Earth, humanity, life, and the Universe. The argument being made by scientists who believe in evolution is that all complex organisms living on Earth today evolved from a common ancestor, totally refuting the GOD’s creation or His “Creativity”. On the other hand, we, Christians, believe in the idea that GOD has created human beings as they are and thus there cannot be an ancestral specie that eventually evolved into human beings.

weighing creation

Then, what are the characteristics the “true achiever” must have and what is the “creativity” that GOD has given to humans?

The mission of TAC is to reform the Christian’s image that is corrupted by irresponsible Christians. Through Genesis chapter 1-3, the Bible says that Man is created in the likeness of GOD, and GOD is the Creator of all things. In other words, people who reform themselves and recover the image of GOD, which all human beings should have inherited, can possess the characteristic of the “true achiever.”

Thus, changing oneself has to come before reforming the Christian’s image. We believe in the idea that once one successively reforms oneself, then s/he would be able to discover the “Creation of GOD.” Thus, we define “Creativity” as the “Discovery of the Creation of GOD” and this is the one of the characteristics that all true achievers must have.

Change yourself based upon the GOD’s words from the Bible and become a “true achiever” who possesses the characteristic of creativity, ultimately discovering the Creation of GOD. In this way, you can live a life of a Christian who succeeds for the glory of GOD.

By T.S.



TACTV Ep. 6 “Expect Great Things from God”

It’s been 8 months since we’ve last filmed. I’m afraid you can tell it’s been awhile by catching our shortcomings. Nevertheless, with several technical difficulties (camera fails!!!) we finally got around to putting up the first video of 2013. From the get-go, we want to say that we plan on uploading videos at least every two weeks. That’s our very own New Year’s Resolution.

That being said, this video’s topic is on the Isaiah 54:1-4, famously quoted again by William Carey (a missionary using this quote to refuel the discouraged missionaries). It is: Expect great things from God, attempt great things for God.

We find this particularly inspirational, a great quote to start off the new year because it teaches us two things. One is to have faith in God and to know that the expectations we place on people and the expectations we have on God are two vastly different kinds. One can lead to hopeless disappointments. The other, never so. When we place our absolute faith in Christ, we find that everything happens according to His will. We learn to put away our failures and disappointments of the past and to trust in Him. We learn to look “forward” and embrace the mystery of our future. This can be quite difficult, especially in the start of a new year. Read our recent post on “January Blues” for more reading!

The second thing this verse/quote teaches us is that we must “attempt”. We must challenge ourselves. And, it isn’t enough to simply challenge but to “attempt GREAT things”. As future Achievers in Christ, we always ask our fellow brothers and sisters to strive for the best of who we can be. The mystery is how much we are meant for. We don’t know, hence we try the maximum. We also know that what we attempt for isn’t for our own glory. Rather, this verse/quote teaches us that the challenges we give ourselves must be FOR God!

As Christian, knowing the direction of our vision and hard-work is essential. To know that at the end, and not just the end but throughout our journey, God is the meaning behind everything it empowers us or rather, directs us to the right path.

We hope that you watch this and give it a good thumbs up! We want to receive all the support we can to keep making these videos. Please understand our shortcomings (it took us five re-filming because of camera failure!) and don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Share your thoughts, subscribe, like, and give us some of your suggestions or recommendations! We would appreciate that very much.

God bless!

Grow a Habit of Achieving!


We are now past the midpoint of January. We’ve set up long-term goals and plans at the beginning of each year to boost up energy and give meanings to our actions. For instance, we set goals like getting certified, going to a new school, establishing a good career history, or even making a hundred-books-to-read list. Setting goals and looking over our plans ahead of time sort of leave us feeling satisfied and even accomplished, and motivate us with great energy to work harder than ever before to attain the goals!

But somewhere along the way the plans that once gave us motivation, became heavy loads on our backs. We start negotiating with ourselves, lowering the expectations and making changes to plans. The worst part of this is that we become accustomed to the cycle of not keeping our own promises.

Of course the Bible says that “a man’s heart plans his way, but the LORD directs his steps.” (Proverbs 16:9) Are we then completely free to say we have no blame for the spoiled plans? I do not think so, and I think we are still responsible to find a remedy and break free from the cycle of failing.

What can we do? We can grow habits of success where we make a chain of smaller goals that eventually lead to the highest goal. Break large plans into smaller and smaller parts, so that these goals become a list of things we can do on a daily basis. Then complete each task. Keep reminding yourself that each day is a new day. Learn to celebrate your victory everyday!

Grow a habit of achieving and enjoy fulfilling them everyday. But most ultimately, ask for God’s guidance and wisdom along the way. Know that in the best of all that we do, it is God who is leading our way.

By K.P.

Beat the January Blues.

2013 is here. To fancy wrap the past year, I opted to rely on Yahoo’s wonderful briefing of what was buzzing around the world in 2012.

This year has seen social media become a vital part of  world events. Facebook went public, but expectations did not meet reality and share prices fell. The Middle East erupted into wave of revolution fuelled by social media activists. Tunisia’s dictator Zine El Abidine Ben Ali was ousted after a protest organised via Facebook, leading the way to the Arab Spring uprising.

Despite this, the London Olympics went on to put up the most spectacular show and where Michael Phelps ended his Olympic career. The Queen had some fun parachuting her way into the Olympics way before Felix Baumgartner set a world record with his free fall jump from the edge of space.

In the U.S., president Barack Obama was re-elected in the country’s most expensive presidential campaign. Hurricane Sandy left a trail of devastation and over USD$20 billion of damages.

In Asia, South Korea’s PSY produced the “Gangnam Style” while North Korea produced Kim Jung Un.

So with all the downs and ups of 2012, we are here in a new year. Even if you aren’t one to write up new year’s resolutions, we all hope somewhere deep inside us that the new year will bring great opportunities, unexpected but pleasant surprises, and something that will make us want to say: Yes, this was MY year.

All too many times though to all too many people, instead of a great hopefulness and expectation for the new year they are met with the “January Blues”.

You see a bunch of blog posts teaching people how to beat the January blues and to just look at the positive side of things. Some advise eating healthy mood foods (Vitamin B everyone!), to exercise and keep health, plan a vacation, and to plain think positively! They all sound like great ideas, but in this post, maybe we could consider how we all can beat the January blues in God.

ImageHere are just 5 ways to beat those nasty January blues:

  1. Pray. This is what Christians always say! Sometimes, it’s like a default answer when you just don’t know what other answer could suffice. But we all know, it is the best answer. There is nothing more therapeutic and complete than asking almighty God for help. When the Almighty God is on your side, there is nothing to fear. In our most difficult times, to constantly hear that praying is the answer can be frustrating. Praying takes patience and most importantly, it takes faith.
  2. Faith. Have you ever realized how difficult it is to really truly believe that everything will be okay? We know it because we hear it, and many times in our lives, we’ve experienced horrible things that we were able to surpass. But no doubt, there are or will be times when to truly believe that God is watching over you is hard to believe. We might question God’s will: God, why would You let me go through something like this? Well, to have faith is not to just have a flighting hope but a deep belief of who God is. And God is a good. He is good, and all that He wills is good. As children of God, we must believe that through and through, there is God’s good will and purpose in everything.
  3. Learn. Never lose the opportunity to learn more about yourself. Socrates once said, “Know thyself”. It is a paramount lesson we need to learn in life. Discovering who we are is crucial in understanding our past and moving on to our future. Though we cannot possibly know the answer to all the mysteries of life, whether they are the events of the past or the uncertainty of the future, always find a chance to discover yourself. What for, you ask? To become a better person. Never stop being the best you can be.
  4. Goals. Being lost is a fearful thing. There are people who can’t see their future. Other people cannot even see the next day. Questioning your life and not knowing what to do with it is a great suffering. But even if the day is dark, tomorrow even bleaker, and the future something that seems to have no solution, never cease the opportunity to set goals. They can be grand and extravagant or, they can be small and frivolous. Regardless, look for the “next step”. Better yet, try to set a goal for your life not in terms of a certain “path” or “job”. Maybe it can be vague as “what kind of person do I really want to be in life?” The answer to that can be as vague as “a kind person”. But once you’ve set that kind of goal to be a “kind person”, you’ll find that you’ll want to direct your life towards being a kinder person. That is one step closer to your goal.
  5. Seek wisdom. There are no words as wise as the Word of God. Seek His wisdom in your prayers, in the Bible, and during sermons. Listen intently and carefully, with an open heart. Let His words come and heal you. Let His words come and raise you. Let His words teach you and open your eyes. And also, seek wisdom through your parents and trustworthy friends. Be humble. We can never be too great, too old, or too wise to have learned enough. Wisdom becomes our tool to live life well.

So there, these are just five ways we can think more positively about the new year. Of course there are more than five ways to beat bad moods and grow a fuller faith in Christ. If you’ve got any specialty of your own, share them with us won’t you?

We hope you embrace this new beginning with God. Let His words be an armor to shield you. When you charge forward in the name of the Lord, remember, Jesus is there beside you.

So have hope, faith, and love.