Grow a Habit of Achieving!


We are now past the midpoint of January. We’ve set up long-term goals and plans at the beginning of each year to boost up energy and give meanings to our actions. For instance, we set goals like getting certified, going to a new school, establishing a good career history, or even making a hundred-books-to-read list. Setting goals and looking over our plans ahead of time sort of leave us feeling satisfied and even accomplished, and motivate us with great energy to work harder than ever before to attain the goals!

But somewhere along the way the plans that once gave us motivation, became heavy loads on our backs. We start negotiating with ourselves, lowering the expectations and making changes to plans. The worst part of this is that we become accustomed to the cycle of not keeping our own promises.

Of course the Bible says that “a man’s heart plans his way, but the LORD directs his steps.” (Proverbs 16:9) Are we then completely free to say we have no blame for the spoiled plans? I do not think so, and I think we are still responsible to find a remedy and break free from the cycle of failing.

What can we do? We can grow habits of success where we make a chain of smaller goals that eventually lead to the highest goal. Break large plans into smaller and smaller parts, so that these goals become a list of things we can do on a daily basis. Then complete each task. Keep reminding yourself that each day is a new day. Learn to celebrate your victory everyday!

Grow a habit of achieving and enjoy fulfilling them everyday. But most ultimately, ask for God’s guidance and wisdom along the way. Know that in the best of all that we do, it is God who is leading our way.

By K.P.


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