TACTV Ep. 6 “Expect Great Things from God”

It’s been 8 months since we’ve last filmed. I’m afraid you can tell it’s been awhile by catching our shortcomings. Nevertheless, with several technical difficulties (camera fails!!!) we finally got around to putting up the first video of 2013. From the get-go, we want to say that we plan on uploading videos at least every two weeks. That’s our very own New Year’s Resolution.

That being said, this video’s topic is on the Isaiah 54:1-4, famously quoted again by William Carey (a missionary using this quote to refuel the discouraged missionaries). It is: Expect great things from God, attempt great things for God.

We find this particularly inspirational, a great quote to start off the new year because it teaches us two things. One is to have faith in God and to know that the expectations we place on people and the expectations we have on God are two vastly different kinds. One can lead to hopeless disappointments. The other, never so. When we place our absolute faith in Christ, we find that everything happens according to His will. We learn to put away our failures and disappointments of the past and to trust in Him. We learn to look “forward” and embrace the mystery of our future. This can be quite difficult, especially in the start of a new year. Read our recent post on “January Blues” for more reading!

The second thing this verse/quote teaches us is that we must “attempt”. We must challenge ourselves. And, it isn’t enough to simply challenge but to “attempt GREAT things”. As future Achievers in Christ, we always ask our fellow brothers and sisters to strive for the best of who we can be. The mystery is how much we are meant for. We don’t know, hence we try the maximum. We also know that what we attempt for isn’t for our own glory. Rather, this verse/quote teaches us that the challenges we give ourselves must be FOR God!

As Christian, knowing the direction of our vision and hard-work is essential. To know that at the end, and not just the end but throughout our journey, God is the meaning behind everything it empowers us or rather, directs us to the right path.

We hope that you watch this and give it a good thumbs up! We want to receive all the support we can to keep making these videos. Please understand our shortcomings (it took us five re-filming because of camera failure!) and don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Share your thoughts, subscribe, like, and give us some of your suggestions or recommendations! We would appreciate that very much.

God bless!


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