Creation-evolution Controversy

The creation-evolution controversy has been in dispute for the last hundred years about the origin of the Earth, humanity, life, and the Universe. The argument being made by scientists who believe in evolution is that all complex organisms living on Earth today evolved from a common ancestor, totally refuting the GOD’s creation or His “Creativity”. On the other hand, we, Christians, believe in the idea that GOD has created human beings as they are and thus there cannot be an ancestral specie that eventually evolved into human beings.

weighing creation

Then, what are the characteristics the “true achiever” must have and what is the “creativity” that GOD has given to humans?

The mission of TAC is to reform the Christian’s image that is corrupted by irresponsible Christians. Through Genesis chapter 1-3, the Bible says that Man is created in the likeness of GOD, and GOD is the Creator of all things. In other words, people who reform themselves and recover the image of GOD, which all human beings should have inherited, can possess the characteristic of the “true achiever.”

Thus, changing oneself has to come before reforming the Christian’s image. We believe in the idea that once one successively reforms oneself, then s/he would be able to discover the “Creation of GOD.” Thus, we define “Creativity” as the “Discovery of the Creation of GOD” and this is the one of the characteristics that all true achievers must have.

Change yourself based upon the GOD’s words from the Bible and become a “true achiever” who possesses the characteristic of creativity, ultimately discovering the Creation of GOD. In this way, you can live a life of a Christian who succeeds for the glory of GOD.

By T.S.



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