Discovering God’s Image

As a fourth year premed student learning science and physiology of life, it makes me realize how perfect God is, and that his creations resemble Him and show us the essence of life.

Nature is marvelous—the phenomena of nature happen for reasons, and we can see it from the laws of nature and science. It knows how to compensate with obstacles when it faces one, instead of clashing and giving errors. Human Body is also intelligent; it knows how to repair, replicate, protect, and reset itself whenever it needs to, and helps to survive even with injuries and damages. Studying different areas in science made me deeply realize that God is so perfect, and I can only become so humble under His Wisdom.

I want to share phenomena of cell that shows Wisdom in life—the image of GOD.


Cells survives only when it is maintaining its non-equilibrium state:

What is equilibrium state? It means a state of balance—experiencing no net flows of matter or energy. It has entropy (disorder) of zero. Oppositely, non-equilibrium state is when there are constant net flows of matter and energy. Cells are constantly pumping out and in Sodium and Potassium actively, against the gradient, which requires energy to do it. Cells maintain this state and become equilibrium only when they die.

This phenomenon actually tells us so much about life. Life becomes equilibrium state only when it dies. Equilibrium is being stable, balanced, and steady. People tend to aim for this kind of life—stable job, steady income, and balanced environment. However, according to cell phenomenon, we see that instability, constant flux, and change are the evidences that it is surviving. It means challenging, risk-taking, and enduring.

We can discover great wisdom from just simple function of cell. His creation is a resemblance of His image—it has His characters.  As a Christian achiever, my ultimate goal is not having a stable job with steady income, but to keep advancing and challenging to resemble Him and I know this can be achieved through maintaining the “non-equilibrium state.”

Look around and observe His creations. What kind of characters of God do they resembled?  Please share anything you see/observed and leave it as a comment!

Shua Kim


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