Five Reasons Why It’s Great to Believe in GOD

We as Christians believe in Jesus not because we want to get something out of it (alright, I guess some of us do), but because He is what He proclaims to be. Nevertheless, I think it’s important that we remind ourselves the wonderful benefits that follow our committment to our faith. There are certainly many great reasons–whether personal or practical–to believe in God, and today I made a top-five list of my own on why believing God is amazing.

As you read on, keep in mind that this list can always be further added (since there are obviously more than five good things we can get from believing God), so if you have your own list of five, be sure to write a comment below.

Without further ado, I present you my list:

1. We are Connected to the Most Powerful Being. Period.

People today resort to various social networking services that permeate all of our electronic devices, ranging from the traditional pc to the ever-more popular smart phones. The advent of the smart phone-era allows people to communicate and stay “connected” with their friends wherever they are. It is a medium for people of all ages to write about themselves, whether that is the ideal representation of who they are or simply how they feel during that particular day. The unprecedented connection between people to people via the technology brought about by sites like facebook or twitter has been subject to scrutiny by various academic circles. According to an article in psychology today, people tend to go on facebook to feel good. Committing themselves to a circle of people that transcends the spatial boundaries is a modern way of satiating one of humanity’s oldest and barest forms of desire: the desire to belong in a group. The desire to be connected. Thus going to social networking sites has become more or less a force of habit that only few of its members have been aware of. As a Christian, it is relieving to know that God is there for us when we feel the need to connect with someone. He is at our closest proximity and provides us with the most important connection of all connections—the spirit. Like the Samaritan woman who met Jesus on her visit to the well, our connection with God is all we need to live life without craving further relationship with others. Of course, I am not saying that we do not need human relationship at all. That’s ridiculous. I am, however, saying that the relationship that truly strengthens us spiritually and physically is only from God and with those that share our love for Him.

2. As Christians, We Know that God Exists and is With Us.

This is important because we know that everything has a purpose. Everything has a purpose because God has consciously created everything with a purpose in mind. Since everything has a purpose intended by God,  all of our pains and failures are not only a reminder of our incompetence in what we do, but also an object lesson from God to further strengthen us and train us so that we can turn into “gold.” As we receive the Holy Spirit we perceive things in a way that is intimately linked to God. We develop an eye that allows us to see things differently from the way secular people might, and that brings us hope and strength to continue in our endeavors rather than plunging into despair.

3. All Questions are Answered. 

Believing in God answers all the questions that befuddle any living human being: where did I come from? Where do I go from here? What awaits me after my death? The first question and the last question have been already answered by the Holy Bible. I’m sure you all know the story of creation, heaven and hell, so I will not get into that. Regarding the second question, the question concerning our lives while we are living on earth, is more or less an extension of the first and the last question. No matter what we do in our lives, as Christians our ultimate purpose is to glorify God and spread the Gospel. Therefore as Christians our lives have been planned by God to be used for his glory and his purpose. That is our direction. It is not a plot-by-plot route to success, but if our attitude is established in such way, then God will show us a vision of what we can do to glorify His name. Remember, Jesus even summoned a blind man to be used for the Gospel.

4. Having a positive Christian attitude correlates with happiness.

According to a study conducted by the researchers at the University of Wales in Great Britain, Christians with a positive outlook (meaning that they agree strongly) toward God, Jesus, the Holy Bible, prayer, and church were generally found to be happier than those that do not.

5. Internalization (What is that?).

Christians are apart from secular people in the sense that we are made to constantly look at ourselves, whether that is through sermons, bible studies, conversing with fellow Christians, or prayer. We are always given chances (as long as we’re still alive) to start anew even when we’ve failed and sinned. We are granted that chance; the chance to repent for the sins we’ve committed and renew our decision to become a better person in the eyes of God. As Christians we need to acknowledge what a blessing this is.

What do you think? Do you agree? Do you disagree? Whatever you have to say–scathing or laudatory–be sure to let us know!

Until then, God bless you all.

By A.K.


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