What is a Youth?

What is a youth?“… so begins a verse in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. We can attach many adjectives and nouns to “youth” but one of them is passion. The livelihood of youth and the vitality that a young age can give to us amounts to a whole lot, and those who have spent their youths wastefully teach our generation that we must use this time of our lives wisely because we will never be as young as we are today.

A great deal of our youth is spent experiencing and learning from experiences. Some experiences teach us a great deal while other experiences come from bad choices made in our young years. Yet still, even through our mistakes or our endless amounts of failures and downfalls, it is so important to have hope and an undying passion that leads us from day to day. It is because our lives are not set in stone, and so our past and our present do not have to define our future. If we know where we want to go, it is important to learn to get back up and start again. It is possible through and in Christ.

I ask that youths rise up and be inflamed by the passion of Christ. The energy we are given at our age is not meant for nothing. We spend so much of our energy on our career, our success, and personal relationships. But how much do we spend our energy for God? Do we use all the outlets we are given to establish our passion for Christ? Our path to success does not have to be separate path from the path we walk for Christ. When we do all that we do for Him by what Christ has given us to use, it is through Him we become truly successful and complete.

I ask all our young readers today to think about the meaning of youth and how you choose to spend the years that will never return. Remember that what we are given is a gift, even the age  we take for granted. Youth doesn’t necessarily mean those of a certain age. There are those who are elder in age, yet have a youthful heart and mind. What makes them youthful is their hope and passion, not just for tomorrow but for a greater purpose and life beyond their own.

Soon, in about a month, it will be Easter. Let us remember the life Christ has given us to live that took a life of God’s son to save ours. Do not take it for granted and remember to live it fully. Do all things in Christ, and through Him all you do for Him will be blessed forevermore.


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