Intelligence in a perspective of Christian

Larger brain size = More Intelligent?

Intelligence is a psychological scale defined as an extent to which how deeply humans can abstractly think, understand, and learn about a specific phenomenon. Many psychologist, thus, have used the intelligence quotient, which is also known as IQ, to assess one’s intellectual abilities—IQ scores are seen as predictors of educational achievement, special needs, job performance and income. IQ score is determined using different IQ tests, but general formula is the ratio of mental age (MA) to chronological age (CA) multiplied by 100. The formula for IQ is as follow:

IQ = (Mental Age / Chronological Age) * 100

            Then, what makes one be more intelligent than others? And what is the “Real” definition of intelligence shown in the Bible?


Many neurophysiological studies conducted in the U.S. indicated that probably the brain size is correlated with one’s intelligence—the larger the brain, the more intelligent would be. This was believed for couple of decades, but it was criticized by many scientists as some animals, such as elephant, have the larger brain size than humans and do not have higher intellectual abilities as humans do. The well-known difference between the human brain and the animal brains is that the human brain shows relatively overdevelopment of what so called “prefrontal cortex”—an area in the brain where executive functions, planning, and reasoning skills are localized.

TAC believes that intelligence is not only the predictors of achievements in one’s life, but also the “wisdom of sage.” During the TAC meeting, we have seen many examples in the Bible to see what “true” intelligence is.

In Act 17:11-13, we have seen the example of Berea people who were “more open-minded than those in Thessalonica.” Although people of Berea succeeded in their lives and we may think that they had no reason to pray to GOD and listen to the Gospel, their attitude was depicted as being desperate. We should realize that all knowledge from the secular world goes into our brain, but the GOD’s words go into the heart of those who have attitude as people of Berea.

People of Berea were also described as those who read the Bible every day and living their lives upon GOD’s words. Though TAC promotes successful lives, the term “success” is not in the secular context. Intellect is one of eight characteristics of true achiever we believe in and it is important to note that, as seen in people of Berea, intellect is not only about being smart, but how one can live their lives upon GOD’s words.

True success breeds true achiever. Try to find GOD’s messages from the Bible, live your life upon GOD’s words and you will be able to live your life with “true intellect”, as people of Berea.

– T.S.


Sources for Intellectual Discourse First Edition (2011), TAC publishing house


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