The Gift of Sparkle

Have you ever met a person who has kindled a sparkle in you and changed the way you’ve thought and lived your life?  We often say we are inspired by successful people but to actually be moved by someone and let your life be changed is, I say, a miracle.

Well, lucky for me, TAC was that igniter which opened my eyes to see the true meaning  in life and success. It still drives me everyday to live as fully as possible as a Christian. I am ever so grateful and indebted to TAC for igniting passion and hope for my future in Christ.

With that being said, I want to introduce a person who has brought sparkles to many young children’s lives. He is a world famous educator and the founder of a prestigious pedagogic method, Dr. Shinichi Suzuki. Many of you may have heard of his Talent Education School or the well-known Suzuki Method for music instruments but the fundamental basis of his pedagogy is emphasized on nurturing Characters.

Dr. Suzuki’s belief in the power of love has actualized many impossible dreams  including a blind child to see the violin, strings, and bow. That child, after one year of genuine and arduous practices,  performed Seitz Concerto at the age of six. Dr. Suzuki’s tales, including his own, narrate many success stories of world famous performers and educators.

What has touched me most was  his fundamental idea that a talent is not determined at birth but is nurtured and brought forth by ceaseless effort and love. He says shortcomings or weak points in children (and adults) shouldn’t be blamed on “character” or “nature” but should be corrected and brought to the points of excellence through arduous training.

Under this principle Dr. Suzuki believes that all kinds of talents and superior abilities can be developed, especially for the younger children. The key evidence for this theory is that all children  speak their mother tongue languages without a difficulty and likewise a talent can be developed if placed in an appropriate environment.

He says that the way to produce superior ability is to concentrate on something and devote oneself to doing it. Quoting his words, “The reason that we chatter freely in Japanese (he’s Japanese) is that we use it daily; it is the same with jumping over the hemp every day from the time it appears. It is a matter of ‘Ease comes with training.’ We simply have to train and educate our ability, that is to say, do the thing over and over again until it feels natural, simple, and easy. That is the secret.”

His focus isn’t placed in attaining superior outcomes, but he esteems the quality of life and character prior to the materialistic outcomes of such training. Children shouldn’t just practice to produce excellent performing skills, but they are to first love and respect music, people, and life. They are encouraged to set purposes and visions that are beyond physical successes.

A lot of what Dr. Suzuki says resonate with TAC thoughts and I am ever so grateful for these priceless lessons that have changed and have formulated the path I now walk. I’ll end today’s blog with another inspirational passage from Dr. Suzuki’s book “Nurtured by Love” and I hope this will inspire a positive change in your life too.

“…You will one day realize that it is the greatest and best blessing on earth to come in contact with men of high humanism, who also through their art have a pure, noble soul. And whatever you can absorb of his greatness and beauty of character will determine your worth as a person. However, to perceive and grasp these qualities requires the humility and judgment that come only through sincerity, love, and knowledge…However wonderful the other person may be, it depends on us alone, whether we have the capacity to absorb their greatness. One has to educate oneself from within the benefit from the greatness of others. Only if one can do this can one fully realize the joy of being near someone who is great. Never lose your humility, for pride obscures the power to perceive truth and greatness. Please, by all means, don’t forget this.” 


To learn more about Dr. Suzuki or his method, please refer to the following resources:

Nurtured by Love: The Classic Approach to Talent Education

Ability Development from Age Zero (Suzuki Method International)

Suzuki Association of the Americas


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