Life’s Decisions

Life is all about decisions. We make countless and constant decisions and we live the consequences of our choices. This is so because God gave us the free will and left it for us to decide what to do with our lives. So we make decisions all the time, small and big ones, which eventually shape and mold the way we are.

Hence we are anxious and cautious when it comes to decision makings. ‘What if I choose the wrong way?’ ‘Am I going to regret this?’ ‘I wish I can foresee the future!’ Robert Frost’s “The Road Not Taken” reflects our troubledness when we face a crossroad and  cannot see what’s ahead of both roads.

Few years ago, I had an experience that made me regret a decision I’ve made in the past and I was very disappointed and frustrated with myself. I called my friend and shared my thoughts. She consoled me but told me not to think like so. She said, “In everything, there is God’s will. You might think you haven’t done your best and so things didn’t turn out the way you’ve expected. But the will of God works bigger than your own will. God presides over everything we do and we need to find what the God’s way is in our lives.”

TAC emphasizes living a “Theo-centric” life. This means we place God in the center of our lives and do everything in His way rather than our own ways. Instead of following our own thoughts and judgments, we are to find God’s way and pursue what He wants us to do to glorify His name.

Only yesterday, I was on a highway returning home from a summer camp with young children. We were behind schedule about thirty minutes and we were rushing to get down in time. It was then we came across a huge car accident. The accident was bad and there were flipped cars with broken windows and blood everywhere. I had goosebumps all over me because the accident seemed like it happened just a while ago and the police were arriving and surveying the site. What if we were on schedule thirty minutes ago and was passing the place with those cars? I was again reminded of God’s providence in life.

How are we to search and find God’s way in our lives? Gideon the warrior in Bible (Judges 6) shows us a way to find God’s will. He prayed to God and asked Him repeatedly for His signs. He asked God to dampen a fleece but leave the ground around it dry and God answered him. He then asked God to dampen the ground but leave the fleece dry and God answered him again. This shows Gideon was very cautious and he relied completely on God before making a decision.

God has planned the entire universe and He has His plans for each one of His creations. If we disregard our own wills and ask for His will, then God will show us His plans for our lives. When we abide by His will, we can actually see the end of the road through faith. Therefore, let us not fear the unknown consequence of our decisions anymore. Instead, let us pray and find God’s will in every decision we are to make.

“Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.” -Proverbs 3:5-6



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