How Do You Want to End 2013?

How many times did you want to quit your job and just slam the resignation letter on your boss’s desk? How many times did you want to just walk out from the trouble and wish you were gone? It is always easy to quit and end something. However, when it comes to “completing” something, we need to think over and be more conscious. Even if your start wasn’t so great, if you completed it beautifully, then it becomes a meaningful “event” in your life and you earn a priceless lesson from it. Therefore, you can make a difference in your life by completing things well.

We are heading towards the end of the year and autumn is here (the season of harvest)! When we reflect back to the resolutions we made in the New Year, we will ask ourselves: how many of the resolutions did we keep? We make resolutions and begin the New Year with big expectation and excitement. However, reflecting back at last ten months, there were times when I forgot about the decisions I made and just followed my old habits. So, I asked myself today: Am I going to end 2013 like this?


“Better is the end of a thing than the beginning…”-Ecclesiastes 7:8

The Bible also advised us about the importance of completing things well. Also, in the Bible, we see a lot of characters that started on the right path, however, unfortunately, become a bad example in the Bible, just because he/she ended up in wrong path, by going against God’s will. The first king of Israel, Saul, is one of them. All Israelites wanted him to become the king and God anointed him as the first king of Israel. He begins as an ideal choice to lead and judge Israel. When he followed the word of Samuel, the prophet of God, he led the army to victory against foreign countries. He becomes conceited after a number of victories and loved being glorified by his people. As a result, he led the worship without presences of Samuel, and listened and trusted the words of fortunetellers. In the end, he was defeated in the battle and committed suicide by falling on his sword.

Only two months left till 2014! How do you want to complete 2013? It can be determined by how you spend the last two months of the year.

By: Shua Kim


One comment on “How Do You Want to End 2013?

  1. Amen. I too believe that people always start strong but quit and never finish what they started. I am a person that has started many things in life, decided to do certain things and make resolutions and yet there are times when I don’t do as I said I would. When my high school career started, I was so sure that I would get a 100+ average and I would ace the SATs. However, throughout my high school years, I got lazy and wasn’t able to keep up with my resolutions. I slacked and didn’t keep the promises that I made to myself. When looking back on my 3 years of high school, there are so many things I regret doing. However, regretting doesn’t help at all because it doesn’t change anything. What I need to do is to look back at the foolish mistakes I made and start new. I need to finish the rest of my school year strongly and I need to do everything that I said i will be doing. By becoming increasingly conscious of my actions and doing the right things, I believe that I can complete my school year as strongly as possible. With that attitude, I hope that I can continue in life, ending as strongly as I started and giving as much glory to God as I intended to.

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