1. GNA (Global Network of Achievers) – to create a network among achievers all over the world to fulfill the TAC vision
  2. FCA (Future Christian Achievers Scholarship Fund) – to sponsor and help the future of not just the individuals but individuals who can affect and change the world for the better.
  3. The Publishing House of TAC (The Achiever’s Collection)


Purposes of the Club:
1) Reformation of the Christian image
2) Recovery of the Image of God
3) Quest to understand, achieve, and promote “true success” through TAC’s Successology

Means to the Ends:
1) Open Talk weekly meetings
2) Written manuscript called The Achiever’s Collection
3) Promotion Events/ Lectures/ Conferences
4) Scholarship Fund

Meetings/ Conferences/ Lectures
1) To create space for intellectual thought
2) To educate and reform
3) to build network


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